How to read PDF files on your iphone in book format

Why are PDF files such a pain to read on the iPhone

With so many ebooks being published in PDF format, it’s been such a dilemma that you can’t truly read PDf files like Epub books on your iPhone. I was finally able to figure out how to move PDf files right into the Stanza App on the iPhone and make the files readable like any other Stanza Ebook. This is pure awesome and has saved me such a headache since I’m an avid reader and like to take my time while reading. I like to leave text and come back to it which you can do with Stanza.

The problem

The problem with PDF files now is that you have to email them to yourself, then login to your email and find the email everytime you wanted to continue reading. Worse, the file just keeps scrolling down forever making a 100 page PDF ebook nearly impossible to read. You never know where you left off. The PDF file is small on the screen and very diffifult to zoom in and out of.

How to read PDF files on your iphone in book format in 10 easy steps

3 resources you’ll need:
1. Stanza app downloaded to your iPhone (where you’ll read the ebooks)
2. Register for a free account at (where you’ll store the files)
3. Access to to do the free converting (where you’ll convert PDF to Epub)

Here’s the video tutorial

Quick tutorial in 10 easy steps

You can download the Think and Grow Rich PDF here

1. Upload your PDF file to
2. Send the file to your email.
3. Check your email, click the link sent by Epub2Go.
4. Save the converted file to your computer.
5. Rename the extension from .EPUB to .PDB
6. Sign in to and access Personal Content for iPhone and iPod Touch.
7. Upload the file.
8. Load the Stanza App on your iPhone
9. Go to “Fictionwise Book Store” under the Catalog tab and go to My Bookshelf
10. Sign in to your Fictionwise account, Download your book and click Read.

Now you can read your pdf ebook like any other Stanza book with the same options such as changing font type, size and so much more!

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