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How to achieve anything you want methodically and get rid of monkey brain
Tony Stubblebine photo credit: Moyan Brenn

A truly incredible interview with Tony Stubblebine, CEO of the Lift app. Tony shares deep insights into human behavior and how to actually achieve goals in this candid interview.

Out of all information I've acquired on goal achieving and habits what Tony shares is some of my favorite stuff and I mean that.

He also shares insightful data he's acquired from the achievement app called Lift such as how many times it takes for a habit to finally sink in. If you're looking to achieve more out of life this is the interview to watch.

We also get into a great discussion on meditation I know you're going to love. You have to watch this interview all the way through, because Tony touches on so much from bootstrapping, to following your passion and fulfillment in life. He even admits to being a "wantrapranuer" at one point and talks about the stuff he started and left behind and how you should learn from his past mistakes. Tony is just an honest and awesome guy.

If you listen to his words carefully, you will be able to cut through a lot of junk that's out there that wastes your time.

Show Notes

Check out the app Lift for Android or iPhone. And please thank Tony for an incredible interview.

Interview with
Tony Stubblebine
Tony Stubblebine
Founder and CEO of the goal setting app Lift for Android and iPhone