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From nothing to a full time author on the kindle platform

I consider Steve one of the top non-fiction kindle authors. He spent a long time building his catalog. He has a ton of actionable advice and insight for anyone looking to break into the kindle platform, even if you're a fiction writer.

Steve Scott spills the beans in this interview that's nearly an hour long. If you know me by now you know I don't waste time on idle chit chat. We dig in pretty fast and cover almost everything related to kindle writing. I love Steve because he's so honest and upfront. He's just an all around stand up guy.

  • Steve's journey: How long it took and how many books

  • Steve's secret books that flopped

  • When to write and how often

  • How many books you need for a decent income

  • The #1 marketing strategy every author should be using

  • Other marketing tacts that work and don't work

Show Notes

Please say hi to Steve and tell him that you saw him here and thank him for sharing so much with us.

Interview with
Steve Scott
Steve Scott
Kindle Publishing expert and author of the Amazon best-seller Habit Stacking