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How to find cheap labor overseas for less than $2 an hour legitimately and ethically
Ryan Fleming photo credit: Geraint Rowland

Did you have any idea that you can hire someone overseas for $2 an hour to do all your work for you? Ryan talks about outsourcing to new countries overseas like the Philippines where people speak English really well and US dollars go a long way over there. You're also going to love how Ryan left his job. Let's dig in. Thanks Ryan.

Want someone to do your work for you on the cheap?

Reach out to Ryan directly if you want to get some virtual assistants to do your work for you at really low pay in the US but what's considered a decent salary for them. He left his cell: 562-546-3014 and email: MyOutsourceCoach@gmail.com

Just say Omar sent you and he'll give you a sweet discount!

Interview with
Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming
Serial outsourcer, helping you build your business by outsourcing at super low costs