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Why self-love has everything to do with losing weight
Jennipher Walters photo credit: a4gpa

Jennipher Walters is so candid and upbeat about health and fitness. In this interview she tells her personal story of yo-yo dieting and feelings of lack during the college days many of us can relate to.

But now she's the CEO and co-founder along with, Erin Whitehead. What I love about Jenn is her outlook on fitness. She makes it fun and about YOU, not giving into the norms and standards. She shows that fitness is beyond calories. Fyi, Jenn is actually doing the interview at a standing desk! Definitely the first person I've seen to do a long interview this way so she walks the talk.

Towards the end of the video she literally walks us through an awesome 10 minute workout you can do any time in the day that's really fun. You need nothing but yourself, gravity and a deck of cards! Wait until you hear this. Definitely beats driving to the gym.

Thank you Jennipher for being so upbeat and fun.

Show Notes

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