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Why to-do lists fail and what to do about it
Janet Choi photo credit: john.schultz

What an awesome interview with Janet. Who doesn't have a to-do list these days. If you're human and living on earth you probably have one and have the same issues we all face. What's important? What's not? How much do we put on there? And how do we get it all done?

Well, the company Janet works with, idonethis, has a totally different approach to to-do lists. They're called done lists where you write down what you did at the end of the day. It's a great way to reflect and keep tabs on yourself.

But before we get to done lists, I asked Janet to really dig into the issues with to-do lists, why they fail us sometimes and how we can make them better. Thank you Janet for all this great info!

Show notes

I also love the ebook she put together about done lists.

Interview with
Janet Choi
Janet Choi
Chief Creative Officer of the app idonethis The Busy Person's Guide to the Done list