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How to create success in your life
Dave Crumby photo credit: Mike Kincaid

I love this interview with Dave. He was originally in real estate making millions but found himself sad about his life work. He then pivoted to creating software for real estate agents. In this interview, we speak about overall success and how you can achieve your goals day in and day out.

Here are few points we discuss:

  • How much does money affect your happiness?

  • Do you need a huge master plan to achieve success?

  • The talk the UCLA basketball coach John Woodman gave to his team to get them to optimal productivity

  • Mastering your day to get to where you want to go

  • The importance of fun and play in your life

Show Notes

Realvolve: The Real Estate CRM to build your business
REAL: A Path to Passion, Purpose, and Profits in Real Estate

Interview with
Dave Crumby
Dave Crumby
Founder of Realvolve CRM and Author of REAL: A path to passion, purpose and profits in real estate Realvolve