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How to validate an idea and break into a crowded market
Billy Murphy photo credit: Matti Matilla

If you want to do anything with business this is the man to follow. I love Billy because he is not your typical online business guru. He comes from a totally different angle and shares really intriguing insights I don't think you'll find anywhere else. He covers real strategies not tactics, which I love!


Honestly, this was an amazing interview with Billy. I'm sorry I messed up the video quality. It got laggy but the audio is crisp and clear. That's what I get for trying to record Billy in high definition.

What you'll learn

  • Billy's favorite musical artist. Hint: he's a rapper :)

  • The poker formula Billy uses in business which he calls millionaire formula.

  • Should you make decisions based on what you will lose or what you will gain?

  • How to know when to leave your job and follow your dream.

  • Should you put all your eggs in one basket or diversify?

  • Should you pursue and validate one idea or multiple ideas at the same time.
    Billy’s unpopular opinion of the minimum viable product model.

  • The idea Billy validated by visiting over 500 blogs.

  • What Billy REALLY thinks about blogging.

  • Should you give up on an idea that has competitors…and what Billy does when he sees a crowded market.

  • Metrics you should keep an eye on from a conversion standpoint and the single conversion metric Billy monitors mostly for his blog.

  • The ONLY 2 questions you need to ask to validate your ideas.

  • How do you stay focused

  • The one thing Billy does in the morning to keep himself on track.

Interview with
Billy Murphy
Billy Murphy
E-commerce rockstar and founder of foreverjobless.com